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Design & Engineering

At D Squared we have invested heavily in software, equipment and training so that we are able to apply the very latest in design and engineering techniques to the development our client's products. Our design and engineering capabilities include;

– Concept Sketching

– Computer Aided Design (SolidWorks & Creo)
– Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
– Toleranced Drawings & Tolerance Analysis
– Human Factors Engineering (HFE)
– Instructions for Use (IFU) Development
– Risk Management (DFMEA & UFMEA)
– Technical Reporting
– Reverse Engineering & Competitor Analysis
– Intellectual Property (IP) Generation & Capture



Alongside these techniques D Squared utilise both additive (3D Printing) and subtractive (Milling & Turning) rapid prototyping processes for the production of 'Proof of Principle' and 'Production Intent' prototypes. Our inhouse prototyping facilities include;

– 3D Printing (Formlabs Form3)

– Laser Cutting

– CNC Routing
– Milling & Turning (Proxxon PD230, MF70, & FF230)
– Extensive Model Making Tools

In addition to these capabilities we work closely with a trusted network of partners to provide a full range of prototyping services from sheet metal forming to vacuum casting and rapid tooling.

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Testing & Verification 

Being able to characterise and verify product performance is an essential part of the development process which is often left until the final stages of the project. At D Squared we believe it is essential to thoroughly test each iteration of the design before moving onto the next phase of the project and have invested in a wide range of test equipment to support this;

– Force & Torque Measurement

– Ingress Protection 
– Pneumatics, Pressure & Flow Rate Sensors
– Metrology

– Calibrated Balance, Timer & Thermometer
– Environmental Chamber



Like testing and verification, we believe that industrialisation should be integrated into the development process right from the outset, taking into account how the product will be manufactured and assembled, and producing manufacturing specification (e.g. CAD geometry and toleranced drawings) that accurately communicate the design intent to suppliers and manufacturing partners.

At D Squared we have extensive experience in the implementation of Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfM&A) solutions for both batch and volume manufacturing, having worked on projects with annual production volumes varying from 1,000 to 1,000,000 units.



D Squared Product Development are a Liverpool based SME who offer product development, design and engineering consultancy services, to clients from across the consumer, medical and industrial sectors.

We enable individuals, universities, and new technology start-ups to bring innovative new products to market as well as supporting established manufacturers who are looking to improve on existing products, and/or outsource elements of their development process.

Having worked in both product consultancy and manufacturing environments our multidisciplinary team have gained extensive experience of the entire product development process from early-stage research and development activities, through to industrialisation and production scale up.

Located in the North West but serving clients across the UK we are happy to meet up for a free consultation to discuss your product development requirements.


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