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What is an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)?

An Atmospheric Water Generator, or AWG, is a revolutionary device designed to extract water from the humidity present in the ambient air. It employs a condensation process to capture water vapor, then filters and purifies it, ultimately producing high-quality, potable water. This technology offers a sustainable and efficient solution to the ever-growing global demand for clean drinking water.

Prototypes: Bringing the Vision to Life

Our dedicated team of engineers and designers at D Squared have been hard at work, translating the concept of the AWG into tangible prototypes. Let's take a closer look at our works-like and looks-like prototypes:

1. Works-Like Prototype:

Our works-like prototype is a functional representation of the AWG's core technology. It demonstrates the process of extracting water from the air, condensing it, and delivering safe drinking water. This prototype not only validates the feasibility of our technology but also serves as the basis for our real-world testing phase.


2. Looks-Like Prototype:

The looks-like prototype is where design meets functionality. It provides a sneak peek into the sleek and modern appearance of the AWG that will grace your homes and businesses. The aesthetics of this prototype have been meticulously crafted to ensure that the AWG seamlessly integrates into any environment, while still delivering top-notch performance.

D2-IMG-0151 01.JPEG



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