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These ‘Adlens’ glasses incorporate optomechanical lenses designed by Oxford Professor Joshua Silver, and use liquid pressure against a diaphragm to control the focus of the lens. These glasses can provide improved vision without the need for a prescription from an optometrist, which is crucial in may developing countries where optometrists are in short supply.

Additionally, the majority of glasses are manufactured with solid lenses that require shaping based on the customer's prescription. This process involves multiple stages and requires skilled operators and expensive equipment.

By ingeniously incorporating pistons coupled to rotating adjuster dials in the frames, these glasses enable users to change the focal length with ease. This feature empowers individuals in remote areas to adapt the lenses to their specific visual needs before detaching the adjusters, making the glasses resemble a normal pair.  

This type of glasses has various other applications, making them an indispensable addition to emergency kits, such as those found on lifeboats, where the ability to adjust the focal length to the prescription of a person who has lost their glasses can be a crucial to managing high-stress situations.




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