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At D Squared, we believe that a core element of any successful product or medical device development project is the ability to compress as many iterations of design, prototyping, and testing into the shortest timeframe possible. As such, we have made significant investments in our fully equipped workshop facilities, which would put many larger consultancies to shame.


Alongside state of the art equipment such as 3D printing and CNC milling, we employ a broad range of more traditional prototyping approaches, including turning, casting, sewing, wet moulding, and joinery, to produce both visual and working prototypes that can be used to assess functionality, usability and desirability.    

Our in-house prototyping capabilities include:

  • High-Resolution 3D Printing (SLA)

  • Large Format 3D Printing (FDM)

  • Laser Cutting

  • CNC Milling 

  • Vacuum Forming 

  • Silicone Casting

  • CNC Cutting Plotter 

  • Manual Milling & Turning

  • Extensive Model Making Tools

In addition to these capabilities, we work closely with a trusted network of partners to provide additional prototyping processes, from sheet metal forming to vacuum casting and rapid tooling.

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