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The Children's Needle Cover was designed with the primary goal of alleviating the fear of injections in young children and thereby preventing the development of needle phobia later in life.

This device takes the form of a playful airplane or butterfly-shaped cover that the child can choose before placing it over the needle before the injection process, instantly transforming what can be an anxiety-inducing experience into a more comfortable and engaging one for the child. After the injection is completed, the syringe can be safely disposed of, and the child is rewarded with the cover as a token of their bravery.

As they wait, children can also enjoy the added distraction and comfort of watching a small cartoon or reading a book about airplanes or butterflies. This turns what was once a daunting ordeal into a positive and educational experience. The 'Children's Needle Cover' is a small yet impactful tool that aims to make healthcare encounters less intimidating for children and foster a positive attitude towards medical procedures from a young age.



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