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Aerodrums is an advanced motion capture system that allows you to play the drums in a quiet and portable way. Created to solve the size and noise problems that all drummers face, Aerodrums offers a versatile solution for home or on the go, providing the same level of expressiveness as high-end electronic drums.

Stick & Foot Marker Prototypes

D Squared conducted a concept generation session in which different options for drumstick and foot-mounted motion capture markers were explored. These concept sketches served as the foundation for CAD models and proof-of-principle prototypes, which allowed us to thoroughly assess the designs from both functional and usability perspectives while investigating the materials and processes required for the manufacture of the final products. 

Motion Capture Enclosure Prototypes & Injection Mould Tooling


Using a combination of high resolution (50µm layer thickness) parts produced with our Formlabs SLA 3D printer, sanding, spraying, and dry rub logo transfers, we were able to create sets of components that were virtually indistinguishable from the final injection-moulded enclosures used in the Aerodrums Kickstarter campaign video. This campaign went on to raise over £150,000 in funding for the company.

Aerodrums Kickstarter

D Squared are currently working with Aerodrums to prepare manufacturing specifications (CAD geometry and dimensional drawings) and procure the tooling necessary for producing the injection-moulded required for the production units.