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Introducing the Mic-Tree modular desktop microphone concept. Designed like a tree with multiple interconnected branches, each equipped with a detachable microphone, the Mic-Tree offers unparalleled versatility for meetings. Whether you need a private, focused discussion or a collaborative group session, simply clip in or out the microphones as needed.


The Mic-Tree concept bridges the gap between desk-mounted conference and portable microphone systems while simultaneously acting as a charging dock and captivating visual sculpture when not in use. 

Through the use of KeyShot, our preferred rendering software, we were able to provide an accurate representation of the final visual appearance directly from the CAD geometry, which could be used to communicate the concept with project stakeholders and gauge the reaction of potential customers to the design. It also enables us to explore different combinations of colours, materials, and finishes (CFM) before committing to physical prototyping and/or manufacturing.

JTD-REN-0004 v0.6.25.png


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